Once you receive your fur, give it a shake and allow it to plump up.

It is normal to see some shedding, this is due to the manufacturing process and does not affect the quality and appearance of your garment.

Our fur is a natural by-product and the shedding will reduce over time.

Protecting Your Fur

Protect your beautiful rabbit fur garment from sunlight to avoid fading and discoloration.

To preserve the unique quality of your fur, avoid getting your garment wet. If rain or snow is unavoidable, then shake excess moisture from the garment and air dry out of direct sunlight.

When travelling, store your fur in a breathable cloth bag to protect the garment.

Cleaning Your Fur

Your rabbit fur garment is dry clean only, make sure you choose a reputable fur dry cleaner who has experience with dry cleaning furs.

Storing Your Fur -

When not in use, allow your garment to breathe in a well-ventilated space and hang it on a robust wooden hanger to maintain shape.

Garment Care

Protecting your Jewellery

Please avoid water, oils, hairsprays, creams and perfumes.

Remove when sleeping and handle with care.